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KnockOut Vivad 21

KnockOut Vivad 2021

Managerial Society of Department of Humanities and Management at Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar is back with its annual inter-collegiate debating fest, KnockOut Vivad’21! This year, we are all set to raise the bar yet again.We bring to you a day of intense debates, discussions, and deliberations. Be ready to witness the most skilled debaters talk on contemporary issues in unconventional debating formats, a guaranteed unique and enriching experience.KnockOut Vivad went international last year with participants from all across the india. Do not miss this opportunity to share the stage and compete with the best.This year, KnockOut Vivad strives to bring the energy and excitement of debating to the online world.

Various Virtual Rounds

Prelim Round
Round 2 – Picture Perception
Rapid Fire (Situation Reaction Test)
Debate (Final Round)

Round 1 – Prelim Round

  1. On the theme of “What if?” participants are required to submit their entries in the form of a write-up or video file. Limited to 200 words in case of article or Max 3 Minute Video.
  2. Think of an incident/movie/a book or any significant event which shot to the limelight in the recent past.
  3. Using your imagination skills, think of what could have happened to the subject under consideration, had certain things or scenarios played differently?
  4. Participants are free to choose any method for submission of entries for round 1, the more unconventional the better. Ensure that you clearly explain the as-is scenario and the subject of your consideration in your entries.
  5. The submission file needs to be uploaded on to the following link:

Round 2 – Picture Perception

  1. Each participant will be asked to select one number from the screen. Each number displayed will be linked to a picture on which they will have to speak for 90 seconds. There will be no separate time given to think about the topic.
  2. Participants will be judged on Logical Flow and content delivery.
  3. Top 30 Participants will be shortlisted for Round 3.

Round 3 – Rapid Fire (Situation Reaction Test)

  1. Each participant will be given 03 topics or questions to speak on one out of it. For each topic, the Participants will get exactly one minute to speak. There will be no separate time given to think about the topic.
  2. Participants will be judged on Articulation and Coordination.
  3. Best Ten participants will move to the final round.

Meet our team

Radhika Khanna Student Convener

Anurag Chaudhary Student Convener

Ashish Kumar

Anna Sarangal

Rahul Mahajan

Deepak Kumar Verma

Geetanjali Sharma